Award to our society

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On April 25, 2022, the entrepreneurs of Ropaži region were honored by presenting the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021” to 31 entrepreneurs of the region in 19 nominations. We are really happy and surprised by the award given to us, because the association JJSK Meždruvas 1 received the award in the nomination Investment in the Promotion of Volunteering of the Year. Thanks to the residents for the appreciation, to the municipality of Ropaži municipality, as well as to our team of volunteers Agnese, Everita, Diāna, Viktorija, Jekaterina, Inga and Ieva, who delighted the children of the municipality by leading classes with horses. Also this year we will continue our mission, attracting volunteers and giving wonderful moments to children to spend time with our healer and friend-horse.