Our horse stable is located in the quiet forest like in a fairy tail. Only in half on hour drive from Riga centre to Langstini direction you can forget about daily bothers and fully with your heart and soul to devote yourself to the horse, your four-legged soul’s healer.


JJSK Mezdruvas 1 is a public benefit organisation and provides horseriding training and the therapy services. The Society actively organizes a variety of charity projects, involving volunteers, to provide an opportunity for children with movement and emotional disabilities, as well as children from needy families to participate in free training with horses. Each year, we also organize competitions for the students of the club. We are pleased that our students are also able to demonstrate their skills in competitions that are organised elsewhere.

Our number of students is growing every year, the youngest student is only 2 years old, but there is a great willingness to learn. We are grateful to parents who support and delight their children because what a child gets is not only athletic activities but also the skills of how to collaborate and befriend a horse.

 We will help you to improve both your existing riding skills and we will teach you how to get them, and most importantly – establish contact with the horse as it can be the best therapy for children and adults.  The horse is a great teacher. He teaches emotional and bodily consciousness. Collaboration opens up great opportunities to change bad habits, improve health, and see the meaning of life. Children who start working with a horse often choose to spend more time with their horse. There is a desire to be here and now in real life because time spent with the horse is never bored. It’s positive energy field attracts and creates pleasant feelings. It creates a friendship that teaches not only joy, but also care, responsibility, trust, hard work, endurance, coexistence with frustration, purposefulness and other life skills.

By us children and adults will find the right activities for themselves. We guarantee you to receive an excellent dose of vitamins. Fresh air, physical activity and emotional pleasure to provide your body and soul with everything what needs to feel happy and healthy human.


JJSK Mezdruvas 1 welcomes you all year in any season because here is wonderful every time!