Spirit Horse therapy

This lesson is suitable for the patients with mental disorders, socialization and behavioral disorders. We offer classes based on the methods of the United States Spirit Horse which are particularly successful in diagnosing autism. This program has trained more than 600 instructors in the world to help the patients with mental disorders reach their maximum potential when interacting with a horse. The program is divided into three parts: the preparation of the horse, riding lessons and the end of the lesson.

The Spirit Horse’s mission is to help riders with disabilities reach their maximum potential through contact with the horse. In North America, 700 riding centers are already involved in this program. The program offers health promotion with the help of a horse, which includes individual lessons, engagement from the closest and of course love and patience, as well as the use of specific methods developed for each type of disability.


Pedagogic riding is suitable for patients with mental disorders, socialization and behavioral disorders.

Our classes are held in a beautiful pine forest, the duration of the classes is from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the diagnosis and the age of the patient. Our youngest patient has been a 7-month-old baby who is sitting with an instructor on a horse.
In years of practice, many children and adults have improved their health, many of them continue their friendship with this beautiful and smart animals – horse that treats adults and children with full sense of responsibility and enjoys the delicacies and caress.

Gymnastics on the horseback

Are you bored from the gym hall? We offer you an interesting way to make yourself fit. Both children and adults can do the gymnastics on the horseback. The lesson includes various exercises for the shoulder, back, abdominal muscles, balance and coordination, in the end of the lesson you will have the stretching exercises to develop your flexibility. And all this you can do on the specially trained horse or pony on the special gymnastics saddles with the handles.

Therapeutic riding takes place within the framework of individual mastering of basic riding skills on the field or in the forest, in a peaceful mode, doing the exercises on the horse to strengthen the balance, coordination, flexibility and strength of the muscles.