Meet them! These are just some horses of our stable about each we can tell too much. All our horses are safe, well trained and educated, calm and balanced so even children can work with them.


The oldest and most smart horse in our stable, who once participated in the competiton of the cart discipline. Now both adults and children with a pleasure ride on his wide back. He is big love and leader of our mares. Dukats or Duky is a gentleman with a wide heart, especially he understands good the little riders.


Did you ever see the beautiful heavy Belgian horses that are pulling a big beer barrel at the beer festival in Germany? We have one! The heavy lady Petra has a very calm character and is perfect for riding in forest on therapy riding.


Since 2.5 years age she is with us. When we bought Torsa, we found out she was expecting a foal. Torsa with a great success participated in the regional and international show jumping competitions. Torsa is a perfect horse for the beginners, she always takes a rider as a friend and after the training searches the pockets where are hidden the treats. She is the best friend of the children.


The dream of the little girls, a small white pony. He is perfect for the little riders with whom he founds a common language.