We offer horseback training under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The lesson is suitable for both non-proficiency and background knowledge. We will teach you the basic skills of riding, all the horse gaits on the field, after completing the training with a relaxing riding in the wood. The most hard working after some time can practice to show jumping. An excellent sample is our talented athlete Tina, who is currently the junior champion in the show jumping and this is just one of the examples. With the hard work and patience you can do everything!

Riding walk

The riding walk takes place in a fabulously beautiful, quiet forest, the trainer walks next to the horse or pony for a child or rider without prior knowledge. There is also a possibility for small children to ride, the trainer is sitting on the horse together with the child. We also offer the riding walks for the bigger companies. The riding in the forest is recommended for the persons with the basic riding skills, accompanied by the instructor.


Before riding, get acquainted with the safety rules for each rider


All instructions of the trainer must be observed and fulfilled immediately

When riding a horse you need: suitable shoes, riding helmet. Put on a helmet each and every time you ride.If you have your own, please take with you. We can give you our one, also we have some small size helmet for children. The children can use also the bicycle helmets.

  • You should behave with a horse in calm, strict, demanding, but not rude way

  • When you approach a horse, pay its attention by calling, to not scare the horse suddenly, especially by approaching from the back

  • Riding or taking horse in a rein, do not tie or wove around your arm or put around your neck, waist etc. This is very dangerous.

  • A horse should not be left out of the sight (distracting), because, for example, it can hurt you when it is afraid
  • Taking the horse you have to be by horse’s shoulder
  • Don’t drop the reins, they must be always in your hand
  • When you take our the horse from the box or in a narrow place such as doors, gates, make sure, that the doors are wide opened enough.
  • Observe the distance between the horses so that the front or horse next can not kick you or your horse
  • When you are on the horseback, do not be afraid, do not scream, as the horse feels it and it can start inadequately
  • he knees must always be firmly pressed by the saddles
  • in difficult situations, not to think that you will fall, but about how to stay calm and deal with the horse
  • if you fall, wait until the horse runs away to avoid from the kick of the horse
  • when you ride in a forest, you must not be close to the trees, because the horse counts only its size
  • Don’t break the low-leaned trees and branches, you can hurt the rider who is beyond you
  • Don’t race. The horses may gallop or they can attack your horse because of competition spirit
  •  When getting off the horse: first take out both legs from the stirrups;- If necessary, ask for a help to hold a horse.
  • The safety rules are mandatory for everyone.