We are waiting for you, but before coming please call us by phone 26527937 to prepare a horse or a pony for you. The horses will be happy if you give them some treats, therefore we recommend to take with you carrots, apples or sugar cubes, but before to give it to the horse, ask your trainer. Other foods we do not recommend as it can cause the health problems for the horses.
Our GPS coordinates 57.014766, 24.364707. 
If you come from Riga direction, after turn to Langstini, follow the orange letter “Z” and then drive into forest.
Email: nata_d@inbox.lv
If you come from Sigulda side, turn around and continue to Makstenieki. After around 400 m by the sigh with a head of horse turn to right into the forest and continue straight around 1 km. By the second sign with the horse head, turn again right. Our stable is around 300 m after the second sign.